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How to get repeat prescriptions
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Nov 2022
How Does the Repeat Prescription Service Work?

How Does the Repeat Prescription Service Work?

The needs of patients and the pharmacy industry have gradually changed in recent years. The Electronic Prescription Service helps you save time by removing the need to collect a paper prescription from your GP. Keep reading to find out how to order a repeat prescription in Luton.

How to order a repeat prescription

This service is efficient in terms of time and convenience. You can still pick up your medications at your convenience, even after working hours. You will often receive a repeat prescription if you consistently take medication.

As a result, you won't need to visit a doctor until your next medication review and can order your medication whenever you need it.

Can you order a repeat prescription in Luton without going to the doctor?

A repeat prescription means that you can get this medication from the pharmacy without first making an appointment with the doctor.

EPS Nominations

Nowadays, the majority of prescriptions are processed, transmitted, and signed online. There are 2 options for how this operates:

  • All of your medicines can be filled at the pharmacy or dispenser of your choice. When you receive a prescription, it will be electronically sent to the designated dispenser. You do not need to turn in a written prescription in order to pick up your medications or appliances.
  • Every time a prescription is given to you, you get to choose where you want it to be filled. You will receive a printed copy of your prescription when it is granted, which you can take to any pharmacy or other dispenser in England.

A special barcode on the paper copy will be scanned in order to download your prescription from the private NHS database.

Choosing a pharmacy or other dispenser

Choosing a pharmacy to fill all of your prescriptions may save you time by preventing needless journeys to your GP. This is especially beneficial if you regularly fill prescriptions or already use a prescription collection service (where a pharmacy obtains your prescriptions from your GP practice).

Your repeat prescriptions will still be ordered in the same manner as they are now, but they will be transmitted electronically to the pharmacy or dispenser of your choice.

You won't need to go to your doctor's office to pick up a paper repeat prescription.

How do I use your delivery service?

You must first register with us in order to use our repeat prescription delivery service. You will register and enter your patient data here, including the name of your GP and the repeat medications you are now taking.

You can sign up for this service online in seconds.

Why should you use our Electronic Prescription Service?

Enhanced patient care

Since they won't be occupied with writing prescriptions, our pharmacists can spend more time with patients. Consequently, we will offer better care thanks to the automated EPS service.

Patients can easily access medicines

It's really simple to use electronic prescription service. You can order your prescription in advance without having to wait for us to fill a paper one. It's a fantastic method to avoid crowds and maintain social distance.

Quick medicine collection

The dispensing of medications is made faster and more effective by the electronic prescription service.

Sign Up with Biscot Pharmacy today to access our prescription collection service.

This blog post was written on behalf of Biscot Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.

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